7 Ways to Make Extra Cash

With the holidays looming, many people are feeling like this season may be a bit slim. It doesn’t have to be! We’ve got some great ideas on how to earn some easy extra Christmas cash!

  1. Put your skills to work

Fiverr, GigSmart, TaskRabbit and HelloAlfred are just a few of numerous companies that match gig workers with clients. Do short, small gigs for big money in your spare time. Gig work lets you choose when and where you work and what jobs you take, as well as setting your own fees.

  1. Donate Plasma

Donating plasma can net you an extra $600 a month! The need for plasma in the medical industry never stops. Help those in need and get paid for it!

  1. Tutor

If you’ve got the knowledge to teach beginners in just about any subject, you can make some serious cash. Advertise locally on school boards and set your own schedule.

  1. AirBnB

If you’ve got an extra room in your home, rent it out for a few months through AirBnB. You’ll be covered by insurance through the company and with shorter stays, you’ll meet new and interesting people without risking a horrible roommate situation.

  1. Wash and Detail Cars

Mobile detail services make a killing year-round. Print out some fliers and grab some cleaning supplies! Hit up the more upscale areas of your city and you’ll be bringing in big cash in no time!

  1. Write Resumes

Resumes can make or break job opportunities. If you’ve got a knack for writing and an eye for detail, advertise on LinkedIn and help others get their foot in the door.

  1. Become a Tour Guide

If you’re the adventurous type and love to explore, advertise as a local tour guide! Have a blast showing others your favorite local sights and make some great money in the process!