No Spend November

No Spend November is the latest in the budgeting craze. This challenge can help you jumpstart your savings for the holiday season and stash more away to make the holidays extra special. Check out our tips to help you stick to it!


Step 1

Before November starts, figure out why you’re saving. Do you want extra money to take advantage of Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales? Planning to buy a big ticket Christmas present for someone special? Or are you just wanting to challenge yourself and catch up on bills? Set your goal date and post it in your calendar, on the fridge or in your phone.


Step 2

Plan your budget and trim non-essential spending. If you live for your daily coffee run, include a wallet-friendly alternative in your grocery list. Make other swaps that will help you cut costs and get creative. No Spend November is all about the essentials, and ONLY the essentials.


Step 3

Meal prep and plan to save on eating out. Plan meals you’ll actually be excited to eat to cut the temptation of grabbing a burger on the way home from work.


Step 4

Pay yourself. Each time you’d normally make a stop at Starbucks, pay yourself by stashing the total of your regular order in an envelope. You’ll have a visual on how much you’re saving rather than swiping a card and forgetting it.


Step 5

Remember, it’s not forever. When those cravings to splurge hit, remind yourself that it’s just 30 days. You can do almost anything for 30 days, whether it’s dieting, taking a daily walk or any other habit, you can do this. And at the end of those 30 days, you’ll have even more money to what you want with.


Step 6

Reward yourself. At the end of those 30 days, calculate what you’ve saved and splurge just a little. Pat yourself on the back! Check that envelope and see how much you’ve saved by adjusting a small habit. Hold that money in your hand and count it out. You’ll be surprised!