Start Small, Invest Small

If you’re like most Americans, saving for the long term can be a struggle when you’re living paycheck-to-paycheck. But with uncertainty over social security for younger generations, you’ve got to take your financial security into your own hands! But where do you start? The same place everyone starts something new. Start small. Here’s our baby-steps guide to setting yourself up for success.

Side Hustle

Start a small side-hustle. Whether it’s dog-walking, babysitting or writing copy for sites like Fivvr, start using your skills to stash extra cash. Any money from your hustle should go directly into your investments. Spend as little as 6 hours a week and you’ll still be sure to watch your funds expand.


When choosing investments, don’t go just for mutual funds (but definitely invest in mutual funds). Pick individual stocks, explore peer-to-peer lending, or invest in a small business, or start your own business.


Educate yourself on the fundamentals of investment. Take a seminar or webinar. Buy and read a few books on investments, then buy a few more. Find a YouTuber who is knowledgeable and subscribe. Use what they offer and expand your financial knowledge. Talk to your uncle who has a boat and the lake house to go with it and pick his brain.

Invest In Yourself

If you’ve been living on a shoestring budget but coming up on your 10th or 20th reunion, invest in yourself and go back to school. Doesn’t matter if it’s a trade school, certificate program or going back for that master’s degree. Something’s gotta give and you have got to give yourself every opportunity to succeed. Apply for as many grants and scholarships as you can and scrape up as much of that free money as possible to bankroll your new endeavor. Once you’re through it, all that extra money you’ll be making will give you even more of a financial security net.

Starting small doesn’t have to mean scrimping pennies. Give yourself as much of an edge as you can, keep moving forward and keep taking steps. Set and stay committed to your financial goals and you’ll never regret investing in your future.