Holiday Gift Guide for Families

This year we have all learned to cherish what we have and to learn to live with a little less. Make this year, give experiences and memories instead of just material goods.


Subscription Boxes

Giving the gift of a subscription box will delight your loved one for months to come. With thousands of options, you can find a box for even the most unique interests.


Memory Gifts

Gift a custom memory gift, like blankets, pillows, mugs, water bottles and more. Get your loved one’s favorite picture printed and they’ll cherish it for years to come.


Book Bundles

For the avid reader in your life, purchase an e-reader gift card, Audible subscription or physical book bundle. They’ll love the chance to pick up some new reading material for the new year!



Memberships are the gift that keeps on giving! Whether it’s a zoo or aquarium membership, theater or dance, invest in your favorite family member’s joy and get them connected to their passions.


Activity Kits

If you’ve got children in the family, they’ll love activity kits! From science to crafts, there’s a kit for every kid! Breaking open a geode to reveal million-year old crystals, creating a terrarium, or learning to sew will delight kids of all ages.


Board Games

Board games will give relatives countless hours of fun and family bonding time!


Online Courses

Companies like Udemy offer courses for every subject under the sun! Taught by professionals in their career field, these classes can teach programming, photography, languages, and so much more! Give the gift of education!


Airline Gift Cards

Though travel restrictions are in place for many countries, giving a gift card can help loved ones look forward to when vacations are back in vogue!



Art, dance, boxing or martial arts, paying for classes can help loved ones explore new hobbies or stay engaged in old favorites.