Christmas On A Budget

This year has been especially hard on many families, and for some, Christmas is going to be a bit on the skinny side. We’ve got some great ideas to make your dollar stretch extra far and still make the holidays feel special!


Stick With Cash

Avoid using your debit or credit cards when shopping for the holidays. Instead, stick with cash and set a budget. You’ll be much more aware of your spending and won’t go over the budget if you’re using cash only.


Make A List and Check It Twice

Focus on your closest friends and family when making your Christmas shopping list. If you’ve got loads of niblings, purchase one gift per family. Board games area great family gift that won’t break the bank! Make a family night gift basket with hot cocoa, popcorn and a deck of cards too!


Secret Santa

Suggest to family members that a Secret Santa gift exchange will help everyone on a budget and set a dollar limit. This will allow everyone to receive a nice gift without breaking your budget!


Gift Limits

Rather than getting everything on your child’s wish list, choose 2-3 gifts. Share with children the spirit of giving and have them pick out a gift to give to a child in need!


Buy Used

No need to buy brand new for many gifts. Browse buy-sell groups on social media, Facebook Marketplace or OfferUp. You’ll save big on big ticket items!


Homemade and Heartfelt

Break out the craft supplies and put on your creative cap. Make stockings for family members and pack them with yummy homemade snacks! You’ll still be spending on supplies, but you’ll be saving a ton and giving a gift that will be cherished.


Put Your Skills To Use

If you’ve got a special set of skills, like cooking, handyman work, or anything else practical, you can create coupons for free lessons, oil changes, trim painting. If meeting in person isn’t practical, you can even record a personalized lesson or deliver it live via Zoom!

Hosting The Holidays On A Budget

With holidays fast approaching, many people are beginning to plan their big family meals. Along with these plans comes the stress of budgeting for that delicious meal. We’ve got our top tips for taking the stress out of your holiday planning!


Set Your Budget

Work within your means and don’t break the bank by overspending. Start setting aside cash from each paycheck now so that you won’t be sweating it on shopping day.


Cut Down On The Big Costs

Opt for a hot cocoa and cider bar rather than an alcohol bar. Even if you go all out with toppings like marshmallows, peppermint sticks, whipped cream and sprinkles, you’ll still save tons on the cost.


Shop Generic

No one is going to know the difference between name brand or generic cranberry sauce or green beans. In some cases you’ll save over 50% on price.


Understated Décor

You’d be surprised at the quality of festive décor that can be found at your local dollar store. Stop in to find place mats, chargers, silverware and decorations and DIY crafts.


Distribute The Work

Ask guests to bring a favorite side dish or dessert to give yourself a break and focus on the main dishes. This will also bring down some of the cost of the holiday meal. And who doesn’t like the chance to showcase their signature dishes!


Start Shopping Now

Pick up some of the canned goods and other shelf-stable parts of your meal with each shopping trip between now and the big holiday. You’ll feel more prepared and the costs will be distributed throughout the months leading up to the holidays rather than all at once.


Have Fun

Don’t waste money on entertainment, set up tables after dinner to play card or board games, plan a white elephant gift exchange, or plan to make gingerbread houses. Gingerbread isn’t just for Christmas, try making spooky haunted gingerbread houses for Halloween!