Top Finance TEDTalks

TedTalks are short, motivational and packed with cutting edge information. TED pulls from innovators and leaders in tons of fields on a vast array of topics, personal finance included. Here’s our top picks for personal finance TED Talks.


One Life-Changing Class You Never Took by Alexa Von Tobel

Alexa emphasizes the importance of financial literacy and walks us through the typical American’s financial situation. She points out pitfalls that education could prevent and teaches strategies to set yourself up for success in a society that has forgotten to teach younger generations how to navigate the financial world.


How Student Debt Will Cripple The American Dream by Dusty Wunderlich

Dusty highlights the disparities between higher education and the income and how jobs that require degrees don’t offer pay that matches the money applicants have put into their education. A great watch for students who are in the process of deciding their major or for those who want to go back to school for a career transition.


Sell Your Crap, Pay Your Debt, Do What You Love by Adam Baker

If you’ve caught the minimalism craze, this is the TEDTalk for you. Adam expounds on the simple life that can come with living debt-free.


Millennials, Money and Changing The World by Kelly Peeler

Kelly highlights the lack of financial education and the big ambitions Millennials have for changing the world. She emphasizes the need for financial literacy as a means for younger generations to accomplish their dreams.


An Honest Look At The Personal Finance Crisis by Elizabeth White

Elizabeth opens an honest dialogue on the financial situation of millions of baby-boomers heading into their golden years with empty bank accounts and limited earning prospects, and the generations that are following in their footsteps. She offers practical advice on how to live on limited income and still find comfort and happiness.