Top Budgeting Apps

Using a budgeting app can help you easily regain control of your personal finances. Today we’ll explore the benefits of some of the top budgeting apps available on mobile devices.



Ever go to make a purchase and realize you don’t have enough in your account? Wonder where that money went? Truebill can help! Once you’ve given Truebill a thorough picture of your finances, Truebill can highlight and cancel subscriptions you don’t need or want. Truebill’s experts can negotiate lower bills for your cable, internet, phone bill and more!



Digit analyzes your budget daily and allows you to set financial goals that it automates to help keep you on track. Digit will monitor your checking account balance and moves money back when you’re close to overdrafting. Digit is your personal finance assistant!



Fetch isn’t exactly a budget app, but it will help you rack in the $$. After grocery shopping, take a pic of your receipt with your phone and upload it to Fetch, where Fetch will turn your spending into rewards points, Amazon gift cards and more. You get to choose how to spend your points.



You can start investing in the stock market for just $5 with Stash. With fractional shares, you can choose how much to invest in any of the thousands of stocks and ETFs available. Use the Stock-Back Card to invest in companies you trust. Manage your investments and allocate them towards retirement, your children, and your goals. Find advice and learn about investing in this great, easy to use app.



Mint personal finance and money app allows manage your finances, reach your goals with personalized insights, customize your budget, track your spending and check in on your credit score all in one place.



Goodbudget Budget Planner lets you sync and share your budget, track your spending, track your debt repayment progress and set digital envelopes to help you stay mindful of your spending habits. This app is wonderful for those who need a hand in building new financial habits and offers great insights that will boost your financial literacy.


The key to a good budget app is exploring what works for you! You won’t use an app that doesn’t cater to your needs, so download a few and see what will be the best fit, then use it!