Top 6 Money Saving Apps

Finding ways to save money can be challenging in this day and age! With 40% of the American population being only one missed paycheck away from poverty, financial stress is at an all-time high.  But the technological revolution, big savings are at your fingertips with these 6 great money-saving and money managing apps, many with minimal fuss and passive action. It’ll be a breeze to rack up the savings and set your mind at ease.

Clarity Money

Clarity Money cancels subscriptions you’re not using or just plain don’t need. It also helps negotiate bills to lower rates and tracks your spending to keep you on budget.


Mint is a great budgeting app that helps you track your bills and saves you from late fees or penalty fees by setting reminders for upcoming bills. You can also manage your accounts and allocate money to your retirement fund, emergency fund and your nest egg.

You Need A Budget

You Need A Budget is fantastic for those just learning how to manage their money. It’s user-friendly and available on Mac and PC, as well as iOS and Android.


This cashback app lets you earn points and covers a huge variety of stores including grocery stores, clothing and more. Scan your receipts for extra cashback and get discount codes for in-store purchases.


RetailMeNot is your one-stop coupon shop. You’ll find discounts, coupons and promo codes for clothes, restaurants, groceries, and even prescription savings!


Earnin is a great app to help you manage your money, with really cool benefits. Earnin has a Tip Yourself tool that lets you tip yourself for completing tasks like going to the gym or eating healthy. The Health Aid allows you to submit your unpaid medical bills to their team for review and they’ll help you negotiate for lower total or lower payments! Plus, you can earn 1-10% cashback on purchases.

Explore your app store and find the apps that suit your needs best and start saving today!