Planning A Vacation During A Pandemic

Though vaccines are rolling out at a steady pace and now available to the public readily, the nation has yet to reach herd immunity levels of vaccination. This can make planning a vacation a bit dicey, especially as cases rise sporadically across the states. We’ve compiled a handy list of tips to help you plan your vacation safely while getting the most bang for your buck!

Be Informed

If you are planning to vacation out of state or out of the country, check that state or country’s local regulations and mandates to ensure you are able to visit with minimal hassle. If you are flying, be sure you are up to date on airline requirements for safe travel. Check the safety protocols for your accommodations. You want to know what will be required of you, and what to expect from your stay. You definitely don’t want to be caught by surprise and have to quarantine for the entirety of your vacation!

Low Risk Vacations

If you are worried about your health but still need to get away, opt for a low-risk vacation. Check out your state’s national parks and campgrounds and get back in touch with nature! If camping isn’t your thing, check out cabin rentals! If you’re looking forward to a roadtrip, you’ll need to put in some extra work, depending on how far you’re planning to cruise. You will want to educate yourself on each state’s rules and regulations to ensure a smooth trip.

Hotel or AirBnB?

If you can, opt for a private AirBnb. You’ll have less contact with others and won’t have to worry about housekeeping entering your room and touching your stuff. Depending on your destination, AirBnB may be a cheaper alternative too!


Try to plan your vacation and outings around peak times so you can avoid big crowds. If you’re hitting the beach, choose to go in the middle of the week so you can avoid the weekend flocks of tourists! You’ll find a spot to soak up the sun much easier, and you’ll be able to practice social distancing much easier.

Hit The Pool

Outdoor pools offer the same lower levels of risk as beaches, but offer the added benefit of chlorine, which kills COVID. Just be sure to bring your own towels and avoid the locker rooms if possible.

Opt for Outdoor Events

Summertime is perfect for vacations because so many events are held outside and spaced out. Hit up a local farmer’s market, tour a farm or visit a wildlife sanctuary! There are tons of fun options that can be done safely!

You can still enjoy your vacation time and get some much needed rest and relaxation while minimizing your risks, financially and health-wise!

Come back next week for more helpful tricks and tips that will save you money and time!